• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach City Council has approved a temporary halt on evictions due to substantial remodels

The Long Beach City Council voted unanimously to push forward with legislation that would close a loophole that allows landlords to evict tenants based on vague remodeling plans for apartments.

But Why?

The potential new regulation, brought forth by councilmember CindyAllen and Suely Saro, tasked the City Attorney to compose an ordinance that would temporarily place a ban on "substantial remodeling." The effort is to hopefully plug a loophole in a section of the state's 2019 Tenant Protection Act that sanctions landlords to claim extensive renovation of a unit as a basis to pursue evictions.

  • Local housing activists have claimed that tenants have been displaced by landlords who would use the "substantial remodel" as an excuse, per Forthe.org.

  • Under state law, a landlord has 60-days to notify a tenant to vacate the unit when a substantial remodel occurs.

  • The law states a substantial remodel as "the replacement or substantial modification of any structural, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical system that requires a permit from a governmental agency, or the abatement of hazardous materials," and not cosmetic improvements.

The skinny: The ordinance would temporarily ban evictions based on renovations until the end of the year and force landlords to offer assistance to current tenants that would be displaced due to substantial remodeling.

  • The draft ordinance also recommends creating the "Renovation Administration Program" that would "require approval by the City prior to the issuance of construction permits and any work beginning."

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