• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach City Council meetings to be translated in real-time

City officials have announced that Long Beach City Council meetings will be translated in real-time upon request through the City's Language Access Policy.

But how?

To request a translator for future meetings, members of the public can contact the City Clerk's office 24 hours before the meeting.

Why it matters:

Subsequently, since the start of the pandemic, the city council has been meeting virtually, and since June 16, councilmembers have been accepting public comments via telephone on agenda items. The fact that Long Beach has a large, diverse foreign-born population, with residents who speak Spanish, Filipino, and Khmer, thus giving all residents the ability to understand city councilmembers in real-time is a welcomed outcome.

  • The five-minute timer will also be re-implemented for Councilmember comments, with unlimited abilities to re-queue to speak. The City also tests the Councilmember and staff's video capability during Council meetings, which is expected to be integrated shortly.

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