• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach City Leaders Denounced Vandals Who Defaced the MLK Statue

In their first city council meeting back with a live in-personaudience, Mayor Robert Garcia and City Council membersspent their first moments denouncing the individualsresponsible for defacing the statue of civil rights icon Martin Luther Kings Jr with Nazi symbols.

What they're saying:

  • Mayor Robert Garcia on the vandalism: " For all of us Dr.King is a hero and inspiration. He stands for justice. He stands for bringing people together and certainly for so many young people [MLK park is] a sacred place."

  • In speaking, Garcia announced that the Long Beach Police Department is investigating the matter as a hate crime, the 2nd high profile case of its kind since a suspected arsonist burned down the pride lifeguard tower.

  • Vice Mayor Councilmember Rex Richardson said, " I would add my voice to this in condemning this act of hate in our community in the strongest terms..., what we know is this is not unique. Weve seen acts of hate in our city and across L.A County all too often."

  • 8th District Councilmember Al Austin: "These individuals should not get away with this in the darkness of night and not letting their identity, whether its a crime or not to be known.

  • Councilmember Dr. Suely Saro said the police would be adding a camera trailer at MLK park, and a new camera system is set to be installed at the park.

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