• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach police officer found guilty for leaking info to gangs

Former Long Beach police officer Yvonne Robinson was sentenced to two years of probation for leaking sensitive police information to a known gang member, per multiple reports.

Why it matters:

Robinson’s sentencing comes amid renewed scrutiny of policing in reaction to the murder of George Floyd and calls to de-invest public funding from police departments.


Yvonne Robinson, a 13-year veteran of the Long Beach Police Department, was first charged in 2013 for allegedly providing information from police reports to a known member of the Insane Crips street gang.

  • The jury was presented with recordings of gang members discussing details of a murder investigation that Robinson allegedly provided during the trial.

  • Robinson was also accused of providing information about an assault case.

  • Near the end of the trial, Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office says Robinson had a sexual relationship with her codefendant.

Where things stand:

Robinson was sentenced to two years of probation, with 80 hours of community service, but no probation officer.

  • Robinson’s attorney says they plan on appealing the conviction.

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