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Long Beach Pursuing a Ban on Flavored Tobacco Products

The Long Beach City Council took another step toward permanently prohibiting flavored tobacco products Tuesday night by approving a draft ordinance that would serve as a short-term ban on vape products citywide.

Why it matters

Last year the California state legislature passed SB 793, a law that would prevent the sale of electronic flavored cigarettes and other tobacco products. After Governor Newsom signed the bill into law back in August, a group funded by Big Tabacco called the California Coalition for Fairness was able to garner enough signatures to place a referendum on the ballot to repeal the law in 2022.

  • In 2019, the City Council approved a temporary ban on flavored tobacco products, but that ordinance expired last month.

  • The tobacco industry also won an injunction that blocked the ban from going into effect, per LA Times.

  • At least 60 California municipalities have enacted a flavored tobacco ban, Kelly Colopy, Director of Health & Human Services, told the Council.

What's in the ordinance:

The new law would prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco products, except for items sold at hookah lounges and cigar stores.

  • There will be a three-month moratorium to allow vendors to sell flavored tobacco that they acquired between Jan 1 until Feb 9.

What they're saying:

Business Owners Call into LB City Council Meeting in Opposition to Flavored Tobacco Ban:

Councilmember Mungo on the Tabbaco Ban: "Why are we not bringing forward an item that says one strike & you lose your tobacco license."

The National Association of Tobacco Outlets called into the council meeting last night:

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