• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach Recorded Its 100th Coronavirus Death

The City of Long Beach has recorded its 100th death from the coronavirus pandemic Monday, the coronavirus has become the leading cause of death in L.A County.

Why it matters:

  • Long Beach is currently in stage two of reopening and with the mixture of mass protest over the death of George Floyd, health officials are fearful that protesters could unwittingly be spreading the infectious virus among each other and at home.

  • African-Americans make up 25% of COVID-19 deaths in Long Beach, LB Health Dept.

  • The United States has 1/4th of all global COVID-19 deaths, per John's Hopkins

  • Even though many protesters were wearing masks, it's not a guarantee that those who do won’t get infected by the coronavirus. The CDC says mask keep those who are infected from spreading the virus but are not designed to protect wearers from getting it., per the AP

By the Numbers:  

  • 2,273 total positive results 

  • 100 fatalities 

  • 83 people hospitalized 

  • Approximately 1,662 recovered

  • Data through 11:59 p.m. on June 6.

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