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Long Beach releases racial data on COVID-19 fatalities; 21 new cases and one new death

Long Beach city officials released data on COVID-19 related deaths based on race & ethnicity, 21 new positive COVID-19 cases, and the death of another Long Beach resident.of

  • The data shows Long Beach's African-American community, which accounts for 12.9% of Long Beach's population, according to the US Census Bureau, but make up 28.9% of COVID-19 deaths. African Americans also represent 17% of hospitalizations.

  • 15 White residents have died from COVID, accounting for 39.5% of deaths. Whites make up 28.1% of Long Beach's population and 23% of COVID-19 related hospitalizations.

  • Eight Latino resident has died from COVID-19 account for 21.1% and 37% of hospitalizations. Latinos make up 42.2% of Long Beach's population.

What's New:

Long Beach officials announced 21 new cases of COVID-19, bring the total number of cases to 789 and one new death.

By the Numbers: As of 3:00 p.m

  • 789 confirmed cases

  • 38 fatalities 

  • 48 hospitalizations

  • Approximately 494 recovered (recovery data is self-reported.)

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