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Long Beach Reopening: What can you do

What can you do:

On Friday city officials announced new health orders that allow the reopening of businesses like hair salons, barbers, and restaurants for in-person to start welcoming customers.

Dine-in Restaurants:

A new health order requires servers in restaurants to wear both cloth face coverings and face shields

  • The city announced a free program to supply up to 1,000 face shields to Long Beach-based restaurants.

  • Physical distancing measures will still be in place

  • Outdoor seating and curbside pickup are prioritized.

  • Reservations will be encouraged.

  • Customers will be asked to wait for their table in their cars or outside the restaurant to prevent crowds from gathering.

  • Diners must wear cloth face coverings when not eating.

  • Servers must wear both a face covering and a face shield.

  • Bar areas will be closed.

  • Indoor and outdoor in-person dining capacity will be limited to 60 percent.

Hair Salons & Barbbershops:

  • Physical distancing measures will still be in place

  • Both staff and customers must wear face-coverings

  • No Magazines, coffee, and other amenities can be served.

  • Customers are encouraged to use credit cards and other mobile payment and digital wallet services.

  • If electronic or card payment is not possible, customers should come with an exact change or a check

  • Stylists may only serve one client at a time.

  • Congregating in waiting areas is forbidden.

  • Nail salons and spas, including massage, facials, and waxing are still banned

In-store retail and office-based companies:

  • Maintain physical distancing to the maximum extent possible, including:

  • Retail can only open up to 50% of maximum capacity.

  • Office-based businesses are strongly encouraged to still prioritize telework.

  • Enact cleaning and disinfecting protocols, including frequent hand washing.

  • Require face coverings when in close contact with other people.

  • Maintain processes to identify cases of illness and intervene quickly.

  • Make worksite-specific plans for operating during this public health emergency, and train employees on these plans.

For places of worship 

  • Limit attendance to 25% of building capacity or a maximum of 100 attendees (whichever is lower).  

  • Discontinue self-service food and beverages.

  • Discontinue holding potlucks or family-style eating and drinking events. They are not allowed. 

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