• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach reports 12 cases of monkeypox; to open drive-thru vax clinic

Updated: Jul 28

Long Beach city officials announced twelve cases of Monkeypox, plus plans to install a drive-thru vaccination clinic.

Where things stand:

None of the 12 residents diagnosed with Monkeypox are hospitalized, nor have any died.

  • The City has vaccinated about 300 people, but currently has enough vaccine for up to 500 people, Mayor Robert Garcia announced during an afternoon press conference.

  • Health and Human Services Director Kelly Colopy said 1600 people have signed up to be vaccinated.

  • Garcia stress that even though the "vast majority" of the confirmed cases identified as men who are either gay or bisexual, anyone can be infected with Monkeypox.

  • The Mayor said, "sometime next week," the City will create a drive-thru clinic to distribute monkeypox vaccinations.

What they're saying

Mayor Garcia said the City doesn't have enough vaccines and urges the federal government to "get more vaccine(s) out not just to local clinic, but the health departments and hospitals."

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