• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach Resident Killed in Street Racing Crash in Carson on Christmas Day

One man was killed, and three others were injured when a car reportedly veered out of control during a street race and crashed into a group of people in Carson on Dec. 25.


The lone fatality, Daniel Patten, age 66, was documenting the race as part of California's car culture when he was struck by one of the cars that swerved into the crowd, per the Daily Breeze.

  • The incident occurred around 1:45 p.m on the 900 block of 230th Street.

  • Patten died at the scene, and five others were hospitalized. Both of the drivers fled the scene of the crash.

  • A black Cadillac was racing a blue car, which crashed into each other and then into a group of people, the Daily Breeze reported.

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