• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach & rest of western US under a tsunami warning after volcano erupts in Pacific

A Tsunami warning has been issued for the Western United States, plus Alaska and Hawaii after an underwater volcano erupted near Tongo in the Pacific Ocean.


Hours ago, an underwater volcano near the Polynesian island nation of Tonga erupted, causing violent waves to crash ashore; flooding even reached the capital of Nuku'alofa.

  • Tonga's King Tupou VI was evacuated from the Royal Palace after the tsunami flooded the capital, RNZ reported.

  • It is unknown the severity of the damage at this time due to an internet outage across Tongo.

Back home:

The National Weather Service has warned California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska residents to move off the beach and stay out of harbors and marinas.

  • There are reports of flooding in Santa Cruz with images of capsized boats in the harbor, and in Orange County, a sheriff's helicopter was spotted, warning people to stay off the beach.

  • The City of Long Beach alerted residents to expect "small rip currents and tidal changes near beaches and harbors at 7:50 am."

  • The National Weather Service in San Diego says waves have arrived and will continue throughout the afternoon.

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