• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach's Community Hospital delayed its opening, won't be accepting patients at this time.


Long Beach Community Hospital announced this past Thursday they were opening this Saturday to accept transfer patients and offer critical medical services during the Coronavirus crisis.

However, Community Hospital's spokesperson said "Right now, we are working around the clock to finalize the arrival of patients from local hospitals and to ensure that we have the necessary staffing, equipment, and medical supplies to guarantee their safety and care. We did not start accepting patients yesterday, however, we expect to start accepting transfer patients in the coming days" Brandon Dowling, said in a statement.

Earlier this week, MWN, LLC the owner and operator of the Community Hospital issued a press release saying the hospital would open Saturday for "the specific purpose of accepting transfer patients beginning, March 21."

Why it matters:

  • As of Sunday, the city of Long Beach reported 15 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, with health officials monitoring 140 people.

  • L.A County's Health Department reported 409 confirmed cases of coronavirus and five deaths.

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