• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach's mayoral race heads to a runoff.

Vice Mayor Rex Richardson and 3rd District City Councilmember Suzie Price are headed to a November runoff to decide who will be Long Beach's next mayor.

Driving the news:

Richardson and Price were both seen as the front runners since their announcements, both raked in large amounts of donations and both are viewed as products of Long Beach's political establishment.

  • Neither Richardson nor Price achieved the 50% threshold needed to avoid a runoff, so both council members will be battling it out till November.

A Tale of Two Cities:

The mayoral race has opened the long-held tensions between councilmembers and the different political factions that compete for influence in the city.

  • Price, 49, represents the 3rd District, a whiter wealthier side of town, who has been receiving support from the Long Beach Police Officers Association's PAC and wealthy business interests.

  • Vice Mayor Richardson, 38, represents the 9th district, which is made up of a diverse working-class populace.

What's Next:

Price and Richardson will face off in a runoff in November in the general election.

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