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Long Beach surpasses 3,500 total COVID-19 cases

City officials announced the death of another Long Beach resident from the novel coronavirus and 104 new cases. It brought Long Beach's total number of cases to 3,509 according to updated figures released by the Long Beach Department of Health.

  • Ninety-three fatalities are associated with long-term care facilities.

  • Eight hundred fifty-two confirmed COVID-19 cases had been linked to 29 Long Beach area long-term care facilities since the start of the pandemic.

  • California has tested 101,000 people, says Governor Gavin Newsom

Why it matters:

Long Beach has had 500 new COVID-19 positive cases within three days, and Mayor Robert Garcia talked about Long Beach's uptick in cases said, "it isn't an enormous spike, it's still a concerning uptick that we have seen even just within a week or two,... But the reality is that more people are also out in public, which is causing more instances of community spread".

  • Due to the high demand for COVID-19 testing, there have been long wait times says Long Beach Health Department Director Kelly Colopy, "all of our test sites are full for the next few days," and ... "we're seeing a lot of employers who believe it's important that we test people before they start,".

  • Long Beach's positivity rate is currently at 8.4%

  • A third of all Long Beach's positive cases are among people who are under the age of 30, including increases among those aged zero through nine, and 10 through 19-years-old.

COVID-19 in Long Beach: 

  • 😷3,509 total positive results

  • 🙏123 fatalities 

  • 🚑72 people hospitalized 

  • 🛌2,565 recoveries

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