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Long Beach Surpasses 4,000 COVID-19 Cases; Death Toll Stands at 132

City officials announced the death of two more Long Beah residents from the infectious coronavirus and 321 new cases, the data is from both Sunday and Monday.

What they said:

  • On Monday, LB Mayor Garcia said on rollbacks, "I also want to note that we have to be ready. For how the rest of the week goes and prepared for additional rollbacks. If that's where the conditions go and they get worse, I want to let people know that our hospitalization and our hospital capacity,..we are still comfortable with where we are. It has not dramatically changed from the last report we gave as far as our hospital numbers".

  • On Monday Director of the Health and Human Services Department, Kelly Colopy said on not meeting stability criteria, "we have 187 case rate per a hundred thousand. So we're well over the number. and our, positivity rate today was 10.8%, which has gone up from 6% or 6.3% when we opened it or out of (the) station. And it was in the eight. And now it's in the 10. So the numbers are definitely going up. We are keeping a close eye on our hospital, bed availability, and our surge capacity and increases right now".

By the numbers:   

  • 😷4,120 confirmed cases (+321)

  • 🕯132 fatalities (+2)

  • 🚑79 people hospitalized 

  • 🛌 2,811 recoveries

Confirmed cases by area code, per L.A Times

  • 90805: Long Beach 844

  • 90813: Long Beach 651

  • 90806: Long Beach 463

  • 90804: Long Beach 380

  • 90802: Long Beach 378

  • 90810: Long Beach 366

  • 90807: Long Beach 286

  • 90815: Long Beach 269

  • 90803: Long Beach 184

  • 90808: Long Beach 159

  • 90814: Long Beach 96

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