• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach surpasses 6,000 COVID cases and reported 5 new deaths

Long Beach city officials announced 193 new coronavirus cases in the past24 hours, and five new deaths bring the city's death toll to 156.

  • The city's positivity rate is at 15.1%.


  • Long Beach performed more than 94,000 coronavirus test and has an average of 101 hospitalizations for the past two weeks, Mayor Garcia announced Tuesday.

  • Officials say restrictions are in place for those eligible for Coronavirus testing. Testing is limited only to Long Beach residents and nearby municipalities of Signal Hill, Paramount, Lakewood, and Compton, according to LAist.

  • Health and Human Services Director Kelly Colopy said Tuesday, "more people under the age of 30 are continuing to test positive. One-third of those cases are now under the age of 30 compared to less than 15% early on".

  • L.A. County: Public Health reported the highest number of new hospitalizations in a day, with 2,193 people currently hospitalized, surpassing yesterday's number.

  • L.A. County also reported 44 further deaths and 2,758 new cases of COVID-19.

Coronavirus in Long Beach:

  • 6,042 confirmed cases

  • 156 fatalities

  • 98 hospitalizations

  • Approximately 4,403 recoveries.

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