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Long Beach Surpasses 8,000 COVID-19 Cases, 6 news deaths in the last 24 hrs

City officials announced 151 new coronavirus cases and six additional fatalities bring total confirmed cases to 8,099 since the start of the pandemic, one of the deaths was a person who was in their 20's.

Where things stand:

Long Beach's COVID-19 positivity rate, which peaked at 15.2% a few weeks ago, now stands at 10.9%. Unfortunately, that was the only good news. The new trend mentioned by Dr. Anissa Davis is patients in their early thirties, previously the median age of residents diagnosed was in their forties. Also, medical professionals are noticing those who are dying from COVID-19 are getting younger.

  • Five weeks ago, the median of COVID related death was 86, and now it is 64.

  • The proportion of hospitalizations among residents, as opposed to those from longterm care facilities, has risen to nearly 60%.

What they're saying:

  • Dr.Anissa Davis on the rise of death "So, basically 80% of those who had died two months ago were those from long-term care facilities and 20% were those in the community. Now in July, more than half of all deaths in Long Beach have occurred among community residents. And outside or not within the longterm care facility population."

  • Mayor Garcia said, "the state believes we [Long Beach] are on the road to 8% positivity rate, which is what the state requires as a statewide baseline that allows us to control the virus and limit community transmission."

By the numbers:

  • 😷8,099 total positive results

  • 🕯176 fatalities

  • 🚑101 people hospitalized

  • 🛌6,415 recoveries

  • 👴👵120 deaths are associated with long-term care facilities

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