• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach Unified Welcomed Back 14,000 Students For In-Person Teaching

photos courtesy of Long Beach

Long Beach Unified welcomed on Monday nearly 14,000 elementary school students back into the classrooms after more than a year of teaching students online.

Why it matters:

Long Beach Unified, the fourth largest school district in California with 70,000 students, opened its doors for kindergartens and elementary school students. The reopening of LBUSD campuses is primarily due to the City, which has its own health department, who placed teachers and school staff in the first vaccine distribution phase.

  • The schools will work within a hybrid program, with students attending class for about 2½ hours a day and then receiving additional teaching online, per NYT.

  • Online classes for middle and high school students resume April 19, with the options for in-person instruction to start on April 20, per LBP.

  • Thousands of parents elected to keep their children at home and learn via Google Classroom.

The following were some of the preparations:

  • Students and workers will receive 55,000 reusable masks,

  • 10,000 cleaning wipe packs,

  • 5,000 face shields,

  • 9,000 hand sanitizers

  • 1,400 thermometers

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