• Matt Esnayra

Long Beach woman arrested after video of racist rant goes viral

screengrab of video by @Tizzyent on Instagram

A white woman who was captured on video saying racial slurs and harassing her fellow tenants is under arrest for violating a restraining order, the Long Beach Police Department announced Friday.


Lorraine Lake, a 58-year-old Long Beach resident, faces further charges of felony criminal threats and possessing a firearm in violation of a court order.

Tale of the tape:

Lake became infamous after a highlight reel of her screaming racial slurs, throwing glass, and committing acts of vandalism was posted on Instagram. At one point, Lake said, “what are you videotaping for? The cops aren’t gonna do shit,” while holding what appears to be a rope saying, “this could go around your neck little n****r.” In another clip, Lake said, “you’re a n****r,” while loud music was playing.

  • Popular content creators on TikTok and Instagram shared the video.

  • Instagram has since removed the video from the user’s account for violating community guidelines and has warned the user that they could delete his account.

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