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Long Beach woman who made racist remarks charged with six felonies

screengrab of video by @Tizzyent on Instagram

Lorrene Mae Lake, the white woman who became infamous after a highlight reel of her making racist comments, faces multiple felonies, including one count of civil rights violations, the Los Angeles District attorney’s office announced.

It’s a small world, after all:

Lake, a 58-year-old Long Beach resident, faces six felony counts of making criminal threats, including hate crime allegations, possession of a firearm with a temporary restraining order, violation of civil rights, disobeying a court order, and resisting arrest.

  • The district attorney’s office says Lake allegedly threatened and hurled racial slurs at several of her neighbors last month.

  • Hundreds of thousands of people viewed the notorious video of Lake making a barrage of racist remarks on social media.

  • Lake entered a not guilty plea to all charges earlier today at the Long Beach Courthouse.

What they’re saying:

  • “When hate crimes occur in Los Angeles County, individuals accused of this conduct will be held accountable,” said District Attorney Gascón. “The victims were subjected to criminal threats motivated by hate at their own home for months. Our Bureau of Victim Services is available to help with their needs.”

  • Yukatan Everett Mason, Lake’s neighbor who posted the video said on Instagram Live that he has “some PTSD” due to the past months of living near Lake.

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