• Matt Esnayra

Man arrested after climbing the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro

Screengrab via Fox 11

The California Highway Patrol arrested a man after he climbed the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro.

A Bridge Too Far:

After ditching his car, the man climbed to the top of one of the 365-foot towers of the Vincent Thomas Bridge at roughly 1 p.m. Authorities utilized negotiators to talk to the man off the bridge, which he descended off the tower at approximately 4:45 p.m.

  • There were initial reports that the man was armed, and images were swirling online of the man holding what appeared to be a handgun. When he came down, he told the police he had left the gun on top of the tower.

  • FOX 11 reported the CHP is classifying the situation as a "mental health emergency," and the man was taken to a nearby hospital.

  • Police shut down traffic in both directions, and KTLA reported the US Coast Guard established a 500-yard barrier around the bridge.

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