• Matt Esnayra

Man Arrested for Assault on Homeless People in Thousand Oaks

Police in Thousand Oaks arrested Ali Assadi Tehrani, a 41-year-old homeless man, accused of hitting a person with his car and striking a homeless man in the head with a rock while he slept, the AP reports.


The Ventura County Sheriff's Department was investigating the attacks on the homeless since mid-June.

  • During the investigation, detectives discovered the suspect's identity by surveilling an area and matching Tehrani's likeness and vehicle to already acquired evidence.

  • According to VC Star, in three separate incidents, the suspect threw a large rock at the head of a homeless person while they were sleeping. In the second rock attack, the victim needed medical attention, and third, the suspect is accused of striking a bystander with his car and then fleeing the scene.

  • Tehrani was charged with three attempted murder violations and suspicion of felony hit-and-run, per VC Star.

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