• Matt Esnayra

Man arrested over peeping tom incident in Long Beach

A 29-year-old Long Beach resident is under arrest for allegedly masturbating outside of a living room window while peeping on a 15-year old child.


Suspect Luis Cedeno was recently arrested and released from a Downey jail on June 3rd for grand theft auto – booked and released the same day, according to Fox 11.


According to the police, the suspect was outside peeking through the blinds of the living room window and masturbated as the 15-year-old victim laid fully clothed on the living room couch.

  • Police were dispatched early Thursday morning at roughly 3:55 a.m to the 1800 block of Pacific Avenue.

  • Several hours later, at roughly 10:40 a.m. detectives placed 29-year-old Luis Cedeno of Long Beach under arrest in connection with the indecent exposure incident.

  • Cedeno has a history of sex-related offenses and is a sex registrant and is currently at the Long Beach City Jail on charges of indecent exposure, peeping, and a violation of his conditions of parole.

  • Police say they have collected video footage of the incident, possibly a video from a Ring doorbell camera.

This story is ongoing, stay with MTLB for updates.

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