• Matt Esnayra

Man Goes on Tirade Over Wait time at Northridge Mexican Restaurant

What Happened:

According to an eye witness, a customer became irate with a restaurant employee over the wait time for his food, culminating in a violent outburst and alleged racial slurs.

  • A witness said the incident occurred late Sunday night at the El Indio Mexican Restaurant in Northridge.

  • In the video, the customer could be heard calling one of the employees "boy" and said "speak some language I could fucking understand" and then punched the small window near the cash register than proceeded to challenge the employee to a fight.

  • The man in the video is allegedly a driver for one of the major online food delivery platforms.

Here's the video: Video courtesy of Leo Guo.

What they're saying:

  • Eye-witness said to MTLB, “I saw this guy who looked like he was in his mid to late 20’s possibility ’30s. He was angry and frustrated that he didn’t get his food while other costumers after him got their food. He started to complain and bang on the metal table they [the reasturant] had outside. The employees said another 5 mins [and] then he [customer] proceeded to yell at worker aggressively while saying racial slurs to them. At the end of the video, he punched a small glass window and broke it then proceed to almost fight one of the employees" and "The employee came out and was going to fight him [customer] but didn’t, that’s when I got involved defending the workers. He ran from the street then he went inside his car and left while saying racial slurs to me as well".

  • Patricia Leao, owner of El Indio Mexicano said in a statement, "This was one of many drivers that work with the online partners/platforms, a troubled impatient one... The person that luckily took the video had already encountered some problems with this man's attitude in the parking lot, so it escalated by what you saw, just being rude and disrespectful to our employees wanting the order on the spot.  The window he slammed is a window that you can clearly see all that is happening. So people can see that we are preparing the order and not ignoring or sitting around. We have been here for 45 years (as you can see in the tweet's comments) and have been opened for 24 hours (shorter hours through this pandemic), so we see all kinds of clients... we are blessed to be open through times like this, never before seen, worse than the 94' earthquake. We all live from here and we just want to do our job, serving the community from a simple Mexican fast-food restaurant. From a city that is multicultural".

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