• Matt Esnayra

Man robs LA sex shop at gunpoint, steals sex toy

Photo via LAPD

The Los Angeles Police Department is looking for a man who allegedly held up a sex shop at gunpoint and swiped an electronic masturbation toy.

Sex Education:

Police say, on April 8. at roughly 10:50 p.m., a man wearing a surgical mask entered a sex shop near the intersection of Lincoln Boulevard and 84th Street in Los Angeles. The suspect then pulled a "blue-steel semi-automatic handgun," and aimed it at a sales associate. He then ordered her to hand over "all the money."

  • The man would walk over to the display case, grab a sex toy off the wall, and then walk out without the cash.

The suspect:

Police described the suspect as a male, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing about 175 pounds. He has dark hair, and dark eyes, and is believed to be between 40 to 50 years old.

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