• Matt Esnayra

Man Tased by LBPD near Traffic Circle

Police officials are saying officers used their teasers on a man, who they allege was wielding a gun blocks away from the Traffic Circle early Wednesday morning, per the LBP.


  • According to LBPD spokesperson Allison Gallagher, emergency operators received multiple calls regarding a man near Wilton Street and Grand Avenue. When police initially interacted with the man, they “attempted to deescalate the situation,” and they assert the man was not complying with their orders.

  • Police say they tased the man and arrested him under undisclosed charges, and the LBPD say they found a gun on the 3600 block of East 17th Street but didn’t say if the gun is in any way related to the man who was arrested. The investigation is ongoing.

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