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Man to be freed from prison after 12 yrs; DA charged LBPD cop for lying

The latest:

Miguel Vargas, a 34-year-old Long Beach resident, who was found guilty of assaulting an LBPD officer, will be freed from prison after the same officer that arrested him was later charged with perjury in a separate case.

🍅 Catch Up:

In 2011, Vargas was convicted of assaulting Long Beach Police Officer Dedier Reyes and possessing a firearm by a felon. Reyes, being “the only witness to the crime,” and whose testimony was used in the trial, was sentenced to 39 years in a California state prison, according to the LA County District Attorney's Office.

  • Vargas had a prior conviction for burglary, which added to the lengthy sentence.

  • During the altercation, Vargas suffered multiple gunshot wounds from the officers.

Present Day:

In December 2021, Reyes, along with fellow LBPD officer David Salcedo was “accused of lying about the circumstances surrounding the recovery of a handgun,” stemming from a 2018 arrest of two men, “which caused the wrong person to be arrested and briefly held in custody,” according to the district attorney’s office

  • Reyes and Salcedo face multiple charges from filing a false police report, falsifying public records, and Reyes.

  • Reyes’ perjury charge led the District Attorney’s Office to revisit Vargas’s conviction and “determined that several factors should lead to a sentence reduction.”

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