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Mayor Garcia Defends Police Response to Sunday's Unrest

photo from LBFD

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia is defending L.B.P. D’s response to Sunday's unrest were countless businesses were looted, multiple fires were started, and 75 people were arrested.

  • Crowd size was, at the start, around 200 people and rapidly grew to 3,000 plus.

Where things stand:

Long Beach Police have been heavily criticized by the media and the public for their, at times, lack of readiness for the protest and looting thereafter, even though Los Angeles and nearby cities went through the same level of protest and crime the day before.

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Journalist was shot by a rubber bullet while covering the event:

  • City officials say 75 people were arrested during yesterdays chaos that left many local stores looted and some even destroyed.

  • Chief Luna said 350+ officers were deployed for Sunday

  • L.B.F.D said they responded to 60 structure fires, 45 dumpster/brush fires, and 6 vehicle fires.

  • L.B.P.D says they will remain in stage 3 tactical alert until further notice.

  • Chief Luna said L.B.P.D received "4,686 calls of service"

What they're saying:

  • L.B Mayor Robert Garcia said, "The police department acted heroically" in reaction to the mass looting and "we should be proud of the work they did, and they are working their asses off’." Garcia also added "the idea that they (L.B.P.D) was just standing around is complete B.S"

  • L.B.P.D Chief Luna said, "We were getting calls from the media, how did you let this happen? We didn't let it happen, we didn't allow it to happen, we were responding from hotspot to hotspot, sometimes minutes, sometimes 10 to 15 minutes afterword."

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