• Matt Esnayra

Mayor Garcia Meets Protesters Outside City Hall

Hundreds of anti-police brutality demonstrators protested outside of Long Beach City Hall spurring Mayor Robert Garcia to address them.

  • According to the L.B Press-Telegram the demonstrators marched from a planned protest at Bluff Park.

  • There was another peaceful protest in Heartwell Park

  • Garcia said he has been "invited" by members of Long Beach's African-American community for "a series of conversations" on multiple issues.


What they said:

  • LB Mayor Robert Garcia said, "as we move forward, whether were talking issues around the budget or [other] legation... that the one commitment we can make now is that its way more important [that we] are uplifting the black voices in our community and they are involved in those decision making processes".

  • One protester said, "I don’t want to be doing this anymore we’ve been marching for way too long, this fucking generation that’s here, they shouldn’t [ have to] be walking.

Garcia during an the evening presser says "Black lives matter, black lives matter to Long Beach, and black lives matter to me".

Why it matters:

Garcia's engagement with demonstrators is a departure from his previous statements that were largely protective of the L.B.P.D efforts on Sunday after a peaceful protest was followed by looting and acts of vandalism.

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