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Mayor Garcia Unveils a $207M Long Beach Recovery Plan

On Monday, March 8, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia unveiled a new COVID-19 recovery plan to help the city "get back moving" from the pandemic.

Why it matters:

The proposed recovery plan consists of $151 million from President Biden's American Rescue Plan Act or ARP, in addition to funding from the recent $7.6 billion coronavirus relief package Gov. Newsom signed last month, and funds from L.A County. The Council would have to authorize the plan by its March 16 meeting.

Breakdown of the proposed funding:

The Mayor places the $207 million relief into three segments: Economic Recovery, Healthy, and Safe Communities, and Securing Our City's Future.

  • What he's saying: "The Long Beach Recovery Act is a bold and ambitious plan to jumpstart the local economy, protect the health and safety of our community, and secure the future of our city," Mayor Robert Garcia said.

$51 million in Economic Recovery:

  • $13 for COVID testing, contact tracing for businesses and workers

  • $5M to restaurants, brewers, and bars

  • $5M to personal services and fitness centers

  • $4M to non-profits and arts organizations

  • $3.5M for fee waivers

  • $2M for business improvement districts

  • $1.2M for tourism

  • $8M to Digital + Economic inclusion

  • $2.5M for economic empowerment zones

  • $2.5M in Small business development

  • $2M for digital divide "especially for neighborhoods and communities that have less access to broadband computers and technology."

  • $1M for Youth workforce development

  • $5M for cleaning, cleanups, trash, graffiti

$72.8M for Healthy And Safe Community:

  • 13M for COVID testing and contact tracing

  • 5M Health equity and outreach programs

  • 1M mental health programs

  • 7.4 for food security and basic needs

  • 2.1 M for early childhood education and childcare

  • 29M for tenant assistance "to help so many renters that are facing eviction and they're looking for support as bills have racked up over the last few weeks and months," said Mayor Garcia.

  • 12M for modular temporary shelters, housing options, mobile restrooms, and showers, plus workforce and social enterprise programs.

  • 4M for violence prevention like the Be safe park program, midnight basketball, re-entry pilot programs, and community development.

$83.2 million for Securing Our City's Future

  • 48M to replenish the city

  • 30M for the budget deficit

  • 5.2 ending furloughs

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