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Migrant children at the LB Convention Center: Here is what we know

Pool Photo by Brittany Murray

What we know:

At least 150 migrant children who had crossed the US-Mexico border alone began to arrive at the newly repurposed Long Beach Convention Center, which will serve as a temporary shelter for unaccompanied children before they can be reunited with family members or placed with sponsors.


HHS will be in charge of the children when they are in the shelter. Each child will be assigned a youth care worker when they arrive at the convention center, who will be in charge of overseeing their care. Other personnel will provide health and medical treatment, case management services, mental health therapy, and educational services to ensure safe reunification with a family or confirmed sponsor.

  • The Long Beach Convention Center can accommodate up to 1,000 children. It will house girls aged 17 and under, as well as boys under the age of 12.

  • The federal government set up temporary shelters in San Diego and Dallas, and another is to start at the Pomona Fairplex.

  • Mayor Garcia said during Thursday's press conference, "UCLA Medical Center and UCLA Hospital is the lead here at the shelter."

  • Elsewhere: Four hotels in Texas and Arizona have dropped out of deals to house about 600 migrant family members at the last minute, according to Axios.

According to a contract the city released Friday, the federal government is paying almost $35 million to use the Long Beach Convention as a shelter.👇

Children will receive a variety of essential services and access to amenities, including:

  • Medical services equipped for routine pediatric exams and emergency services, if needed.

  • Meals three times a day and snacks.

  • Hygiene amenities including indoor and outdoor restrooms, personal hygiene kits, and private shower facilities.

  • Sleeping quarters including designated, age-appropriate bedding, sheets, blankets, and pillows.

  • Educational services in designated classrooms, including four hours of structured education each day, access various donated books in English and Spanish, arts and crafts, and individual learning activities.

  • Bilingual signage, staff, and translation services.

  • Clothing will be provided to each child, which they may keep once they leave the shelter, including shorts, pants, shirts, jackets, undergarments, and shoes. Laundry services will also be provided.

  • Indoor recreation, including an expansive indoor area with access to TVs, video games, board games, and lounge areas. The indoor recreation area also opens up to the outdoor area, creating an open and inviting atmosphere for the children.

  • Unlimited outdoor recreation, including guided physical activities and access to various sporting equipment for small group and individual play.

  • International telephone services to call a family member, relative, or friend.

  • Legal representation and services

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