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Monkeypox Update: LA County declares health emergency; Newsom issues orders on vax

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors issued a health emergency in reaction to rising monkeypox cases a day after Governor Newsom’s declaration to strengthen California’s vaccine response.

Why it matters:

Demand for the Monkeypox vaccine is soaring as hospitals, clinics, and medical centers have struggled to keep up with the influx of people seeking treatment.


Newsom’s proclamation focuses on strengthening the state’s vaccination efforts and outreach by enabling “Emergency Medical Services personnel to administer monkeypox vaccines that are approved by the FDA, similar to the statutory authorization recently enacted for pharmacists to administer vaccines.”

  • LA County’s proclamation would accelerate access to State and federal resources and other appropriate federal disaster relief programs.

  • The Supervisors instructed county departments to carry out all applicable evaluation, support, and monitoring measures.

  • The state would be utilizing the infrastructure already developed during the COVID-19 pandemic to “deploy vaccine clinics and ensure inclusive and targeted outreach in partnership with local and community-based organizations.”

By the numbers:

According to the California Department of Health, there are 1,135 confirmed cases of Monkeypox.

  • 98% of patients are men with the majority of cases coming from Los Angeles and San Francisco County.

  • Nearly half of the patients are White at 48.3%

  • The Long Beach Health Department has 20 confirmed cases.

What they're saying:

Supervisor Holly Mitchell said in a statement: “This proclamation is critical in helping us get ahead of this virus. By declaring a local emergency, it allows us to cut through the red tape to better dedicate resources and educate residents on how to protect themselves and help stop the spread. It will also allow the County to quickly administer vaccines as more become available and to take the necessary efforts to obtain supplies and enhance outreach and awareness.”

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