• Matt Esnayra

MTLB Interview W/ Ray Morquecho, Candidate for L.B City Council 1st District

photo from Morquecho campaign

Why are you running for L.B City Council?

What are the top 3 issues facing District 1?

The Surfrider Foundation has long supported the reconfiguration of the LB breakwater. Do you support the re-configuration of the breakwater or leave it as it is?

What political ideology do you subscribe to?

Probably the most talked-about issue in Long Beach is affordable housing, it's one of the main issues you would like to address if you were to be elected, do you think rent control is an idea the LB City Council should consider?

Do you support SB 50?

In May it was revealed the city of Long Beach has proposed to build a billion-dollar ballpark for the L.A Angels, what’s your take on Long Beach pursuing the Angels?

Any lifelong LB resident knows about the parking situation, that at times it could be utterly impossible to find parking, what are some ideas do you have that can alleviate this everyday problem?

Do you agree with Mayor Garcia’s stance that the L.B.P.D would not assist I.C.E in arresting undocumented immigrants?

Not too long ago, the city of LB release a working draft called the Climate Action and adaptation plan, to address the effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse gases, do you believe climate change is a danger to LB?

The 1st district has one of the most diverse communities in all of Long Beach, how are you going to build a coalition of voters, who at times have diametrically opposing interests?

In 2017, there was a study on the geography of child poverty conducted by the Public Policy Institute. The study found that 42% of children in the southwestern/port area which covers portions of D1 live in poverty, what actions should the city do in tackling child poverty in all of Long Beach?

On your site, it states that our elected officials have failed to deliver on their promise to keep LB safe, but according to the city budget, LBPD is receiving 48% of the budget, 20% to the fire department and 3% to disaster relief, that’s 71% of the Long Beach’s budget going to public safety alone, what do want the city to do that it’s not already doing when it comes to public safety?

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