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MTLB Interview w/ Reopen LB Organizer Jesus Cisneros

Jesus Cisneros is a former candidate for Long Beach's 2nd district city council seat and one of the main organizers of the Liberate Long Beach, an anti-lockdown protest group, which protested Saturday afternoon. The interview was conducted on 5/8.

How many people are you expected to participate in the reopen march?

50 people would be a good number because it’s Mother’s Day weekend.

Is anyone being compensated to participate with the march?

Compensated? It’s a protest, not a job. No, no one is being compensated. Barely could buy the boards and waterbottles lol.

photo from MTLB reader

The state is reopening this week, select retailers, some manufactures isn't this what you want? a reopening of the economy and guidelines to protect people?

Curbside pick up on a few businesses? Seriously? Toy shops and flower shops? All businesses should be allowed to open! All businesses are essential! How many small businesses have a website for curbside pick up? Again, only big corporations are allowed to do business while small local community businesses are not.

Are you concerned that your protest & reopening of the economy too soon, could contribute to a potential second wave of the coronavirus and rise in hospitalizations?

There is a difference in safety from shopping at crazy packed Walmart and Costco than from shopping at a small business. As long as people keep their P.P.E, there won’t be a difference. I even up the “ appointment system “ for service industry jobs. Customers can make appointments to certain businesses. That contains the number of customers inside small businesses. But the mayor won’t even allow that. He is not an individual, a leader like other mayors that truly care about their people, he just follows whatever the governor puts up. Orange County mayors are leaders and are not part of the oppressive system we have in Long Beach that deemed people not essential and forced them to stop working

Is your march political or is it strictly focused on reopening California’s economy?

Reopening the economy. In all my post I stated it’s not red or blue but for businesses

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