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National Guard Troops to Withdraw from the L.A Area

The National Guard will be withdrawing from the Greater Los Angeles area sometime Sunday, according to a report by the L.A Times.

Why it matters:

The National Guard was called into Long Beach last Sunday, May 31st after a peaceful protest over the death of George Floyd turned to mass looting and acts of vandalism.

  • National Guard troops have been patrolling the Long Beach area since June 1st, a day after Mayor Garcia asked and received national guard help from Gov. Newsom.

  • Curfews were installed from Sunday till Thursday until the ACLU & Black Lives Matter filed a federal lawsuit, saying the curfew violated the protester's constitutional rights.

  • 4,500 National Guard troops were deployed, per CBS 2.

  • Since Sundays' massive protest and unrest, the Black Lives Matter protest in Long Beach has been largely peaceful.

  • A small number of units will be stationed nearby until June 10 to provide emergency support if needed, says L.A Mayor

Meanwhile in DC:

According to the Seattle Times, the Pentagon told National Guardsmen deployed to Washington D.C, not to use firearms or ammunition, and has issued orders to send home active-duty troops from the capitol.

What they're saying:

  • L.A Mayor Eric Garcetti said, “I’m proud that our city has been peaceful this week — and that our residents are leading a powerful movement to make Los Angeles more just, equitable, and fair for Black Angelenos, communities of color, and all of our workers, youth, and families". and “We thank the members of the Guard for their willingness to serve — to ensure the safety of demonstrators, businesses, residents, and everyone in our city.”

National Guard Vehicle at Long Beach's City Place Shopping Center:

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