• Matt Esnayra

New LGBT lifeguard tower vandalized months after old one was burnt down

screengrab from video posted by Love Long Beach

Long Beach's newly installed LGBT pride lifeguard tower was vandalized Wednesday night, two months since the City replaced the original tower that was burnt down in March.

What's happened: A video posted by Love Long Beach on Instagram showing graffiti carved into the rainbowed colored tower is primarily illegible; only the words "911," "Garcia," and "No" are visible.

  • Long Beach Fire Department spokesperson Brian Fish told MTLB that lifeguards were notified at about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

  • The LBPD was called to the scene to take photos, and an investigation is underway to find the culprits.

  • The tower was repainted and restored, according to Fisk.

Why it matters:

In March, the original Pride Lifeguard Tower was burnt down, in what Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia called an "act of hate," and in a large celebration, the City installed a new rainbow-themed lifeguard tower on the same site as the old.

  • No arrest has been made, nor has a person of interest been specified in the case.

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