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Newsom Installs Regional Stay-at-Home Orders Based on Hospital Capacity

According to a Politico report, Governor Gavin Newsom is reportedly going to announce regional stay at home orders based on hospital capacity levels.

What's New:

In parts of California, where Covid-19 cases are surging to a degree where the hospital's ICU capacity is in danger of becoming overwhelmed, Californians will be instructed to stay home unless they are carrying out essential activities.

  • Newsom will break California into five geographic quarters, and stay-at home-orders would last for three.

  • Regions where ICU capacity falls below 15% will be under a mandated stay at home orders.

  • Californians would be instructed not to concentrate, playgrounds, salons, and no in-person dining at restaurants, but carry out would still be allowed.

  • Hotels could only open for support.

  • Schools could stay open when their region goes on the three-week lockdown.

  • California will receive its first shipment of Pfizer's Coronavirus vaccine between December 12-15.

Quick Refresher:

Weeks ago, Newsom placed 52 of 58 counties into the restrictive purple tier, installing limits on certain business activities, public and private gatherings, and issuing a curfew.

This story is developing.

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