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Newsom Orders Bars to Shutdown in L.A County & 6 Other Counties; Due to COVID19 Surge

California Governor Gavin Newsom has ordered seven California counties where #coronavirus cases are surging to immediately shut down their bars Sunday.

  • Newsom is also recommending eight other counties to close its bars.

  • People under 45 made up 42% of cases before Memorial Day weekend but 55% of cases reported since then, per USA TODAY.

Why it matters: Newsom’s recent shutdown orders aimed at bars could be a warning sign of future re-closures by Sacramento on other industries. What's happening:

  • L.A County has been experiencing a surge of COVID-19 cases, according to the LA County Departement of Public Health, California's most populated county has had a 7-day average of daily new cases is over 1,900; an increase from the 1,379 average two weeks ago.

  • L.A County's positivity rate increased from 8% to 9%, and the 7-day average of the daily positivity rate has increased from 5.8% two weeks ago to 8.6%, county health officials say.

  • Imperial County has a coronavirus positivity rate of 23%, with a case rate of 680 in the past week, per CNN.

In Long Beach:

  • Due to the high demand for COVID-19 testing, there have been long wait times says Long Beach Health Department Director Kelly Colopy, "all of our test sites are full for the next few days," and ... "we're seeing a lot of employers who believe it's important that we test people before they start,".

  • Long Beach's positivity rate is currently at 8.4%

  • A third of all Long Beach's positive cases are among people who are under the age of 30, including increases among those aged zero through nine, and 10 through 19-years-old.

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