• Matt Esnayra

Newsom signs Cocktails-to-Go into law, cheers 🍻

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that would allow bars and restaurants to sell premade cocktails for pickup.

Order up:

The law allows restaurants and bars to offer cocktails to go as long as they are served with food orders, a program that started as a temporary fix in the early days of the lockdown to help restaurants and bars to stay afloat.

  • 🥤The law would allow bars and restaurants to sell cocktails-on-the-go through 2026

  • 🍺Newsom signed another law that prolongs outdoor dining parklet permits and alcohol sales for a year.

  • 🍹The law limits the number of distilled spirits in mixed beverages and cocktails to 4.5 ounces.

  • 🍸The law calls for beverages to be "packaged in a container with a secure lid or cap sealed in a manner designed to prevent consumption without removal of the lid or cap by breaking the seal," according to the legislation's text.

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