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O.C Board of Education Panel to Suggest Reopening Schools Without Mask & Social Distancing

The Orange County Board of Education is expected to recommend the return of students, teachers, and staff for the fall —but without any Coronavirus safety measures like social distancing and wearing face coverings to be in place, The Voice of O.C. reports.

What's Happening:

The Orange County Board of Education's panel has issued a series of recommendations that apply for grades kindergarten to high school.

  • The school board won't recommend social distancing, or reduced classrooms due to "K-12 children represent the lowest-risk cohort for Covid-19".

  • Another COVID-19 health requirement not recommended by the board is not requiring children to wear masks during school because it "is not only difficult – if not impossible to implement – but not based on science. It may even be harmful and is therefore not recommended".

  • The panel stresses that parents can "send their children to a district or charter school that will provide that education. Some parents with the means will opt for private schools or homeschooling".

  • The document called distance learning "an utter failure" and that "Abandoning the classroom in favor of computer-based learning proved frustrating to all – not just parents and students but teachers, too."

  • The O.C Board of Education's possible guidelines is at times, diametrically opposite from proposed measures from the California Department of Education. And that, "some of the panel's other sources also explicitly recommended guidance that they chose to go against multiple times, or featured contextual details that were left out in the county's presentation," Voice of O.C. reports.

What they're saying:

  • A person on the panel of experts was anonymously quoted in saying, "This is a disease that kills our most elderly and spares our children. It may sound callous, but would we want it the other way around?"


L.A. Unified and San Diego will go entirely online only for the fall.

Read the Special Meeting Agenda:

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