• Matt Esnayra

O.C Residents Don't have to Wear Masks in Public

Orange County Health officials have announced they are discontinuing the health order that required residents to wear face coverings, in efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus, while in public and now are only strongly recommending their use, per the O.C Voice.

How did we get here?

Today's announcement by newly appointed O.C Health Care Agency director Dr. Clayton Chau, comes days after former O.C Health Care Agency director Dr. Nichole Quick resigned her position Monday night after facing scrutiny from members on the Board of Supervisors, presser from the public and even death threats over her mandatory mask covering requirements.

  • The mask coverings became such a contentious issue in Orange County, that O.C Sheriff Don Barnes told the County Board of Supervisors he would not ask his deputies to enforce the county health officer's order, KABC reporting.

  • Dr. Chau also amended the health order to allow the reopening of several business sectors beginning this Friday, June 12th

Wait a minute:

Guardian reported newly reported outbreaks of Coronavirus and hospitalizations rates are going up in parts of California, causing the state to place nine counties on a watchlist. The counties are:

  • Los Angeles

  • Sacramento

  • Fresno

  • Imperial

  • San Bernardino

  • San Joaquin

  • Tulare

  • Kings

  • Santa Clara.

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