• Matt Esnayra

OC Deputy DA Kelly Ernby, an ardent anti-vax mandate critic, has died of COVID complications

Photo via Ernby's Facebook page

Kelly Ernby, a 46-year-old former Orange County deputy district attorney, who became a vocal critic of vaccine mandates during the pandemic, died of complications related to the coronavirus on Monday.

Why it matters:

Ernby, who ran for the California state assembly in 2020, joins a long list of anti-vaccine political figures who used the pandemic to raise their profile only to contract the virus and pass away.

  • According to the Daily Titan, Cal StatFullerton's's student newspaper, Ernby attended a Dec 4 anti-vaccine rally organized by Turning Point USA where she said"There's’s nothing that matters more than our freedoms right no".”

  • Ernby was expected to run again for the California State Assembly in 2022.

What she said:

During Mark Newgent Live, Ernby said, "We'rere having a crisis in our state and our freedoms are being taken away..., so there are a lot of parents that are upset with mandatory vaccines and they are not being hear."

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