• Matt Esnayra

One man killed in Cambodia Town shooting

One man was shot and killed inside a house in the Cambodia Town neighborhood of Long Beach early Tuesday morning, reports Streaming562.

Details: Police arrived at the scene around 7 a.m between Dawson Ave and 10th street after getting reports of gunfire.

  • The victim is reportedly an Asian male and was declared dead at the scene

  • Witnesses say that the victim and the suspect were involved in a heated discussion until the suspect wielded a handgun and shot the victim dead, per the LBP.

  • The suspect remains at large.

Sidenote: The LBPD was in an unrelated short standoff with a person in an apartment building in Cambodia Town, per LBP.

  • The suspect crashed into a parked car and raced into an apartment building on Hoffman Avenue. LBPD besieged the building and closed off-street access on Anaheim Street.

  • The suspect surrendered around 8:00 a.m.

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