• Matt Esnayra

Only 56% of LBPD personnel are vaccinated against COVID-19

According to a city memo, despite being one of the essential workers and gaining priority access to the vaccine, only 56% of Long Beach Police Department personnel are vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Why it matters:

Long Beach will require city employees to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or undergo weekly testing to show they have tested negative, Mayor Robert Garcia announced Tuesday.

  • Based on the data, over 4,000 City employees are fully vaccinated, with less than 1,600 that are not or prefer not to disclose their status.

  • About 51% sworn-in police officers have self reported being innoculated against COVID-19.

  • Nationally the vaccination rates among police officers are lower than those of the general public, per The Hill.

But wait, there's more:

66% of Long Beach Fire Department employees and 62% of Public Works employees have self-reported being vaccinated.

  • Nearly half of the Los Angeles Police Department remains unvaccinated and are currently dealing with a surge of cases as LAPD Chief Micheal Moore told the civilian Police Commission that the department had 33 personnel test positive for the coronavirus, according to the LA Times.

  • 347 Long Beach city employees have stated they are not vaccinated and an additional 1,199 are listed as "Prefer not to disclose."

Read the memo heare:

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