• Matt Esnayra

Ontario Blast: 2 dead in massive fireworks explosion

According to the city and fire department, two people were killed Tuesday afternoon when a house in Ontario storing a "large amount" of fireworks exploded, sending debris into neighboring homes and causing a fire.

What we know so far:

In a press conference, Ontario Fire Chief Ray Gayk told reporters that "commercial grade" fireworks at a house sparked an explosion and blaze.

  • The explosion occurred at roughly 12:30 p.m, causing a plume of dark smoke into the air.

  • The Ontario Fire Department issued an evacuation order for the surrounding area.

  • Gayk also said Ontario Fire Department investigators, the city's bomb squad unit, and the FBI and ATF, were still combing through the area, checking if additional explosives. All fireworks are illegal in Ontario, officials said.

  • Ontario Police Chief Mike Lorenz said there were previous complaints about the property.

Details: Eyewitness videos show smoke billowing from the explosion, followed by fireworks. Gayk said the two fatalities hadn't been identified yet, and firefighters rescued two horses and a dog.

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