• Matt Esnayra

Orange County removed from CA COVID-19 watchlist

Orange County was removed from the state's COVID-19 watchlist after meeting key indicators in case rates, low positivity rate, and obtaining an adequate level of medical equipment.

Why it matters:

If Orange County can continue to sustain the improvements they have gain in-state requirements to reopen for the next two weeks, K-12 students could resume in-person classes after Labor Day weekend.

  • Orange County joins San Diego county in coming off the state's COVID-19 watchlist, per Yahoo News.

  • The O.C's positivity rate is at 5.4%, California’s standard for its counties to move ahead with reopening is 8% or below over seven days.

  • OC's Health Care Agency Director and acting health officer, Dr. Clayton Chau, said he is confident Orange County would remain off the state's watchlist, per O.C Register.


According to the O.C Voice, there seems to be contradictory information regarding the number of cases per 100,000 people.

  • The O.C Health Care Agency COVID-19 website shows 85.1 cases per 100,000 while California’s COVID-19 county data chart website shows 186 cases per 100,000

  • The state’s virus watchlist shows 180 cases per 100,000

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