• Matt Esnayra

Over 5,500 plus Nursing Home Residents have died from Coronavirus nationwide

According to state health data obtained by NBC News, 5,670 nursing home residents, from across the United States, have died from coronavirus complications.

  • So far, 3,466 long-term care facilities in 39 states have reported coronavirus infections.

  • In New York state, 2% of nursing home residents have died of the coronavirus.

  • 72% of Long Beach's coronavirus related fatalities are connected to long-term living facilities

But why:

What makes the elderly more susceptible to contracting and dying from the coronavirus is advanced age and living with underlying medical conditions, according to the CDC.

What we're seeing:

  • Here in Long Beach, 13 of the 18 coronavirus fatalities were residents from long-term care facilities, causing the city to issue new health orders for Long Beach area.

  • Of the 379 confirmed coronavirus cases in Long Beach, 84 of them are have been linked to six long term care facilities, in both staff and residents, prompting city officials to issue new health orders for residents, staff, and guests.

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