• Matt Esnayra

Owner Hands Over Pets After Viral Video Showed Matted Dog with Mouth Taped in Truck Bed

A man surrendered his two pet dogs to animal care services after a viral video showing a matted dog in the back of his pickup truck with its mouth taped shut caused an uproar on social media.


On Thursday, Nov. 19, a fellow driver filmed the truck as it drove on the northbound 405 Freeway and was able to get the driver to pull over and relax the ropes that bound the dog, including removing the tape around the dog's snout.

  • According to LBP, Erin Ryder, the person who recorded the incident, was told by the dog's owner that his name is Ringo and suffered from cancer in its leg.

  • Currently, the dog was serving as a guard dog at a local business.

  • In a statement, Long Beach Police said they ran the dog owners' license plate and concluded that no crime occurred, per KCAL.

  • The dog's owner told KCAL that the dog was tied down so that it wouldn't jump out of the truck, and its snout was taped closed because the dog would chew through the rope.

  • The owner would later surrender Ringo, plus another dog, to Long Beach Animal Care Services, and the shelter opened an investigation.

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