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Update on Ozzy the K-9: What you need to know

Updated: Sep 30, 2019


The L.B.P.D has submitted an "initial criminal investigative file" to the L.A County District Attorney’s Justice System Integrity Division for review and the L.B.P.D will be "notified once the District Attorney’s Office completes their review to determine next steps.”

Previously Reported:

According to the Beachcomber, Ozzy's handler was not using a traditional black and white police vehicle. Ozzy's handler was using an undercover all-black SUV at the time of the incident. The Beachcomber also reported:

  • That L.B.P.D K-9 officers have an app called AceWatchdog, that according to it's website is "a temperature monitoring system for use in a canine vehicle" and that Long Beach City Fleet Services found the alert system "to be in working order."

  • The Beachcomber also reported that Ozzy's handler is Detective Chris Thue, who "had not equipped his cell phone with the app to receive voice and text alerts" and that Detective Thue downloaded the app after Ozzy’s death.

  • Detective Chris Thue had worked "20 hours continuously prior to the time he parked the K-9 vehicle", with Ozzy inside.

  • L.B.P.D Officials have not provided information regarding whether Ozzy and Detective Chris Thue were in Long Beach at the time of the incident.

  • A Change.Org petition called "Justice For Ozzy! LBPD K9 Officer Left in Hot Police Car to Die!" is addressed to Mayor Robert Garcia, every member on the Long Beach City Council and Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert.

  • MTLB has reached out, via email, to the L.B.P.D but has not received a response.

Where it stands:

In a statement via twitter, the L.B.P.D announced they have opened an internal affairs investigation into the circumstances of Ozzy's death, the 6-year-old K-9 German-Shepard, who died in a police vehicle on August 14 from apparent heat related causes.

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