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Police say Sacramento woman crashed car into a Long Beach fire station

Updated: Jul 3

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A Sacramento, California woman was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and crashing her car into a Long Beach Fire Station Friday evening.


LBPD spokesperson Brandon Fahey says 57-year-old Karena Testman Benskin was the driver of a car that crashed into the LBFD fire station Number two loon the 1600 block of East Third Street.

  • Benskin allegedly crashed into the fire station’s garage door and was detained at the scene.

  • Police say Benskin was involved in a separate hit-and-run traffic crash near 2nd street and Temple Avenue before the firehouse crash.

  • Benskin faces one count of hit and run, causing property damage, and one count of driving with a suspended license due to a previous DUI. Her bail stands at $100,000.

  • No one was injured due to the crash, and the investigation is still ongoing.

A Found Look Back:

There is a Karena Testman Benskin who was arrested in August of last year in El Dorado County for disorderly conduct, and Laguna Beach Police arrested a Karena Testman Benskin on 6/21/22 for disorderly conduct.

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